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Community Connection

through real engagements

Connecting a community is hard.

We can help.

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Engagement Where You Need It

Scavenger Tech's GPS powered games provide a simple way to guide people to local businesses, landmarks or attractions.

Gamify Participation

At the end of each adventure is a rewarding reveal - challenge coins, branded souvenirs and gift cards are just a few rewarding treasure ideas.

How It Works

Scavenger Tech supplies organizations like yours with licensed access to our Patented Adventure Boxes and software tools that provide engaging local adventures or scavenger hunts. 

Each adventure consists of multiple GPS locations that are visited by the user resulting in a positive achievement. Upon achieving all locations the Adventure Box unlocks and allows the user to receive the prize or additional clue inside.

Getting Started is Easy

Book A Call

Book an intro call and get fitted for the service package the best fits YOUR needs.

  • How Large Is Your Market?

  • What Are Your Current Pain Points?

  • What Results Can You Expect?

Start Your Account

Once you start your account we will ship out your hardware and get you rolling on your new Scavenger Tech Dashboard

Build Your First Puzzle

Starting from one of our templates gets you up and running quickly! Or, create one from scratch and start booking clients!

Start Engaging 

Once your puzzle and clues are ready for prime time you are ready to start the adventure!

Powerful Support

Our team of engineers and designers have create a suite of tools that make onboarding your business a snap.

  • Live Zoom Coaching

  • Quick Start Guides

  • Easy to Use Templates

  • Online Documentation and Guides

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Tools For Any Budget

Big or Small, our tools scale with your organization. We offer discounted nonprofit pricing and services that are designed specifically for governmental departments, educational institutions and private nonprofits.

  • Flexible Capacity

  • Custom Client Dashboard

  • Live Updating Leaderboards

  • Hosted Clue Services

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